Look Back to '67 & Class History

(Reprinted from 50th Reunion but most of this is new with many updates about Classmate’s careers)





About this time of year in 1964, we were a bunch of 14 to 16 year old “kids” who had just left 9th grade! We were enjoying our summer and thinking about preparing to enter Muskegon High School in the Fall.  We were Steele Lancers, Nelson Cardinals & Bunker Bulldogs. Before that, we went to our neighborhood elementary schools - Bluffton, Bunker, Nelson, Glenside, Nims, Moon, Phillips, Froebel, McLaughlin or Oakview. And some of us came from the local Catholic or Christian schools.

​Right after Labor Day that year, we came together and started forming new friendships and became the Future Class of 1967! We started saving to buy our MHS Class Rings – anyone still have theirs? Remember the Mohair yarn?

We had the opportunity to join activities like sports, band, cheerleading, and drama. We could join various clubs/groups like Ski Club, Hi- Y, GAA, Key Club, Varsity Club, Carmenta, Madrigals, Thespians, French/Spanish/Latin Clubs, and surprisingly, “Future Homemakers of America”, etc. We rolled up our sleeves to work on the Keyhole and the Said & Done – Future Journalists? Some ventured into politics through Student Council. Many of us broadened our worldly horizons when we “fell in love” with our Exchange Students – Jose Soto & Pablow Anquiana (Maexico), Magareta Jonsson (Sweden), Tuula Puranen (Finland) and Mikkoilmari Viherjuuri (Finland).

We quickly started gravitating into groups and hung out with people to whom we best related. We became jocks, stoners, greasers, juicers, Team Teaching pals, band marchers, actors, etc. Some of us had memberships in several of those groups! We were given nicknames like Caveman (Bob Walker), Blacky (Paul Neis), Roach (Bob Ritcheski), Bert (Bob McKinley), Duke (Pat Dutkiewicz), Car Keys (Jim Karkosky), & Owen or O (Dave Kooi), to name a few. 

We referred to our Principal as "Murel the Squirrel" who was kept in line by Mrs. Keyes. And we remember some teachers fondly: Mrs. Trump, Mr. Roelofs, Mr. Vanderwier, Mr. Schiller, Mrs. Rice, etc. and our Counselor, Fran Fisher who is now over 100 years old!

We noticed that being in Team Teaching was keeping a number of Classmates separate from the rest of our class. Some have told us since then that they did not meet many others in the class until graduation activities. We often referred to them as “the really smart kids”.

​We found commonality in watching our Big Reds play football in Hackley Stadium and basketball on "The Stage". We also, enjoyed the Marching Band show at halftime. And oh, the ever-present Cheerleaders! MHS was, and still is, considered a football and basketball powerhouse. It is so sad to see one of our great traditions, the Big Red Indian, go the way of political correctness. Our class has its own Indian Boy, John Matthews. Like so many of us, he may no longer fit into those old uniforms - or was it a loin cloth?


​In later years, when we started driving, we would fill up our parent's car with as many kids as possible. Barb (DeVries) Brink remembers one night Joe Stapel packed in so many guys that she said it looked like a car full of clowns when they emptied out! 

Everyone would kick in 50 cents or a dollar to split the gas. Remember, gas was about $.34/gallon back then – equivalent to $2.62 in today’s dollars. How many of you recall the first time the car was velocitized around a curve as you were driving on the Causeway or highway, and it scared the “heck” out of you? Any fender benders that drove up your parent’s insurance payments?

Let's not lie - there was beer sometimes!  A sixpack was $1.50.  There was Thunderbird, Boone's Farm or Ripple wine in the mix as well, or maybe ...flavored vodka??

During the school months, there were always "Annex" dances on Friday nights. Sometimes we would just cruise around town looking for something to do. For some of us, we somehow always ended up at Steve Allen's house while his parents were out of town!  Steve's party after the last football game with the Heights (an afternoon game), was particularly epic as "Duke" & Joel Ernvall got into a fight and broke the storm door. Steve put in the screen but forgot to use any air fresheners and his mom's nose smelled beer right away...

​We frequented places like Mr. Scrib’s Pizza, G & L Hot Dogs, Hicks Cartwheel Hamburgs, McDonalds, The Mill Inn, Burger Chef, U.S. 31 Barbecue, Sorrento's & Cosscarelli's. On weekdays we always had to stop at the "The Cove" at lunchtime or for a phosphate, a snack, or a Cherry Coke before heading for home. Or maybe we just “loitered” around sitting on The Wall?

​Changes in the culture were becoming more evident in music, clothing, movies, and other things young people were doing. Some of the fads reflecting those changes were starting to become popular – spy Movies, musicals, & James Bond “007” espionage-type thrillers. We went to movies at the Regent, Michigan, Our, and Getty Drive-In theaters where we watched movies like "The Graduate", "Cool Hand Luke", "The Fugitive", "The Endless Summer," "Georgy Girl", "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner", "Bonnie & Clyde", "Valley of the Dolls", "Dr. Zhivago", "What's New Pussycat", "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf", and then there were all the James Bond movies with Sean Connery!!!

We saved our money from weekend jobs, babysitting, or an allowance to buy the latest fads in clothing and fragrances; bought LPs instead of 45s; and realized we needed money to spend on dates. Yes, we were finally dating! We bought jumpers, pullover zip-pouch windbreakers, British MOD-style clothing, groovy hippie crochet, cutout clothing, wool plaid skirts (with sharp pleats) paired to cardigans, and Madras Plaid everything! We were still back-combing our hair, but the flip hairstyle was really “in”, and there were a few crew cuts. Some ventured into longer side burns. English Leather, British Sterling, Brute, Canoe for the guys & Ambush, Windsong, Tweed, & Blue Grass for the gals, among other choices. Long hair and Patchouli were just on the horizon!

​The official start of summer for us was always "Hackley Day." Remember how sunburned everyone got? AND the summer of 1967 was officially named "THE SUMMER OF LOVE" - remember? Some of us had summer jobs or maybe went with our families to a cottage on Wolf Lake, Twin Lake, Big Blue Lake or elsewhere. But many of us spent our days at the beach and our nights at "The Curve", Bronson Park, or the "Ovals" where we attended the Lake Dances. There were so many dance venues to choose from: The YWCA, The Annex, and if your parents allowed, on Saturday nights some of us drove down to the Grand Haven Roller Rink & Ballroom where we saw groups like Tommy James and the Shondells, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Paul Revere and the Raiders.  

Did any of you take a trip on the Milwaukee Clipper with friends? And, does anyone still remember The Seaway Festival?

Those years were when we started to groove to the music of The Grateful Dead, The Jefferson Airplane, and the Byrds. We spent our Saturday mornings watching Dick Clark on American Bandstand and sometimes found ourselves hanging around Downtown Muskegon at Walgreen's and went to stores like Grossmans, Hardy Herpolsheimers, The Square, Laheys & Ar-Jers. We listened exclusively to WTRU 1600 on our AM dial and were constantly fighting with our parents about which station to listen to in the car - "TRU" or WKBZ! Our go-to songs in ’67 – “A Whiter Shade of Pale” – Procol Harum; “All You Need is Love” –Beatles; “I’m a Believer” – Monkees; “Ode to Billie Joe” – Bobbie Gentry; “The Letter” – Boxtops; and “Windy” – The Association among others.


​The Smother's Brothers Comedy Hour premieres
​475 thousand were serving in Vietnam
​Peace rallies were multiplying
Muhamad Ali ​was stripped of his boxing World Championship for refusing induction into the US Army
Israel went into the 6-Day War
Cities throughout America exploded into rioting and looting - the worst in Detroit on 7/23/67 when 7000 National Guard were called in
In England, Twiggy and Mini-skirts were the new sensation along with paper clothes!
The newest scenes were Discotheques & Singles Bars
​The Beatles released Sargeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
​​We lost three Classmates in Vietnam - James Cutler, Kenneth Simmons and Gerritt VanDonkelaar. We had a number of Classmates who fought in that war and served in the military at that time. Here is a “partial” list because of the roughly 492 Classmates who graduated in 1967, less than 300 have registered on our website and they had to fill out the Profile to tell us of Military Service:

United States Army: Robert Bolthouse, Bill Bouwman, Carol (Bradley) Taylor, Brad Buckley, Gary Clifford, Thomas Fordham, Dan French, Glenn Hoffman, Jeff Keay, John Matthews, Roger McKee, Dale Morin, Steven Pierce, David Schrebe, Mike Thaler, Bill Vos, Robert Wathen, & Robert Workman. 
​United States Navy: ​Ron Black, Tom Burrous, Lawrence McRae, Edwin Nesberg, & Bill Wasserman.
​United States Marine Corps: Gordon Bergman, Steve Branyan, Robin Howard, Steven McDiarmid, Velester Ray, Thomas Strait, & Barry Webber.
​United States Air Force: Steve Allen, Dave Benedict, Archie Blood, Carol (Bradley) Taylor, Dave Eling, Daniel Gomez, Bob Holmes, Ronald Stout, & Tom Unwin.
Even though they were not properly welcomed back when they came home, at this time let us say on behalf of The Class of 1967, "Thank you for your service to our country!"

After graduation we all took different paths. So many different paths about which we are not aware. Some married right away and became Homemakers, parents, and/or went to work at places like the Paper Mill, Brunswick Corporation, Lakey Foundry, Continental Motors, Misco, and Campbell Wyant & Cannon, much like our fathers and mothers before us. Sadly, these companies don't exist anymore. Some of us went into Civil Service and became Police Officers and Firemen. Others went off to college and became teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, flight attendants and business persons, etc. Some of us took way too much advantage of the college life, but somehow survived!!

We all have different stories of who we were, who we became, and what we accomplished. Afterall, it’s been 55 years full of love, laughter, and many adventures! Who knew our fellow Classmates would have so many successes in their lives – all propelled by the wonderful MHS education? Fifty-five years of stories out there, wonderful careers, fabulous & extraordinary accomplishments, advanced degrees, and a slew of awards and accolades that must have been acquired!

​We wish to acknowledge individuals in our class from information gleaned through classmate’s Facebook or LinkedIN pages; from MHS Alumni Directories of 1994 & 2013; and from what was shared when they registered on our website www.mhsclassof67.net. We apologize, as we undoubtedly missed finding out about many Classmate’s careers and may have made mistakes with others!

First some interesting highlights we uncovered:

Tom Wedell's Graphic Design & Photography business brought him to MCC as a guest speaker; Lisa Medendorp has gallery shows of her art work; Steven Gould- Leighton does gallery shows of his photography around the United States; Linda House has a business of designing glass jewelry; Jeff Keay, Joe Urcavich, and John Matthews have written books; Joe Urcavich was Chaplain for the Green Bay Packers; John Matthews was given the Charles Hackley Distinguished Lecture Award; Robert Vangilder was a race horse jockey; Greg Flaska & John Usmial won scholarships to play football (Western Michigan University & Iowa State University respectively) and Greg, was drafted by the New York Jets & inducted into the Michigan High School Football Coaches Assn. Hall of Fame; Steve McDiarmid was a US Border Patrol officer; Ron Erickson was a Geologist for the US Corps of Engineers; Pat Corbin & Jim Davis were Social Workers; Julie Giacobassi (deceased) was a professional musician; Steve Pierce was a Locomotive Engineer; Dave Eling was the Director of the Muskegon Dept. of Veterans Affairs; Allan DeHorn was a Psychologist; Lynn Moore​ is past-president of the Muskegon Big Red Athletic Assn.; Chuck Woudstra designs furniture and sells it all over the world; Al Mell was a Chiropractor & played Tournament Racquetball; Barb (Maleski) Rishel owns a Bed ‘n Breakfast; Charles Sepessy worked for the IRS; and Ann (Olsen) Pervinkler was a Coffee Farmer in Hawaii! Last but not least, Evelyn (Shepard) Whalen was "jailed" during the 1988 Democratic Convention in Atlanta!!  

Our Classmates held many special titles at different points in their lives: Administrator – Sue (Aslakson) Sturgill, Linda (House) Kekic, Christine Sutherland McArthur, & Robert Vangilder; Director – Ron Black, Carmen (Sheathelm) Albiniak, Jean (Smith) Johnson, Judy (Dutmer) Spoelman, Pam (Stanton) Van De Veire, Kay (Fay) Nye, Mary (Paulson) Rastigue, Jean (Smith) Johnson, Joe Szmadzinski, Allan DeHorn, Pam (Stanton) Van DeVeire, & John Usmial; Manager – Dennis Anderson, Jean (Bachtal) Schuitema, Dianne (Beekman) Rosenow, Fred Carlson, Edwin Nesburg, Pam (Stanton) Van De Veire, Pam (Morgan) Stevens, Thomas Burrous, Monica (Chandonnet) Merrill, Linda (House) Kekic, Jim McTaggart, Susan (Paige) Rewa, Linda (Reynolds) McLean, Dianne (Beekman) Rosenow, Thomas Strait, Christy (Benson) Radigan, Steve Smedes, Bill Byers (deceased), Marsha (Mattson) Allen, Lottie Copeland, Edwin Nesburg, Joe Szmadzinski, & Thomas Burrous; Supervisor – Peggy (Kuberski) Boltz & Robert Vangilder; Executive Director – Dave Eling, Linda (House) Kekic, & William Wasserman; and CEO – Joe Szmadzinski & John Usmial; Vice President – Fred Carlson & Carol (Kinnucan) McGinnis; Ph.D. – Allan DeHorn

We would like to acknowledge just a few of the lifetime work pursuits that our Classmates followed:  in the Military – Steve Allen, Ron Black, Ron Erickson, Donald Beishuizen, Carol (Bradley) Taylor, Dave Eling, Bonnie (Gagnon) Workman, Steve McDiarmid, Debbie (Peltier) Baker, Thomas Strait, William Wasserman (Navy Captain); those who were Aputhors/Writers – Peggy (Battige) Bennitt, Pam Cosmo (deceased), Allan DeHorn, Jeff Keay, John Matthews, Lisa Medendorp, Pam (Stanton) Van De Veire, Joe Stapel, & Joe Urcavich.  There were those in the Financial, Banking, or Credit Union field – Sue (Aslakson) Sturgill, Archie Blood, Susan (Hewitt) Chase, Donna (DeVries) Kooi, Linda (House) Kekic, Pam (Hurst) Wolters, Rae Ann (Janowiak) DeHaan, Gerald Jensen, Sharon (Lofquist) Fodrocy, Pam (Morgan) Stevens, Susan (Paige) Rewa, Mark Schultz, & Steve Smedes; those who worked for Non Profits – Peggy (Kuberski) Boltz, John Usmial & Edward Schweifler; those who were Administrative Assistants – Judith (Christiansen) King, Sharon (Lofquist) Fodrocy, & Dianne (Beckman) Rosenow; those who entered the Medical/Health field in various capacities – Sharon (Broadbent) Worth, Al Mell, James Bonjernoor, Carol Workman, Susie Bibbs, Sheila (Bolema) Sass, Ingrid Davis, Linda (Carlson) Doctor, Carol (Fazakerly) Melle, Marsha (Mattson) Allen, Janis (McDermed) Mulford, Lottie Copeland, & Barb (Bowmaster) Ferris (as a Para Medic in a Rescue Helicopter). There were those who went into the Psychology field – Christy (Benson) Radigan, Allan DeHorn, & Marilyn (Damm) Hocking; those in the Child Care/Family Services field – Susan (Aslakson) Sturgill & Peggy (Battige) Bennitt; and those who worked in Communications – Peggy (Battige) Bennitt. There were those who worked in Human Resources – Carol (Kinnucan) McGinnis & Mary (Paulson) Rastigue; those in Customer Service – Christy (Benson) Radigan; in the Dental field – Sue (Hewitt) Chase & Christine (Sutherland) McArthur; in Food Service – Larry DeJong & Lottie Copeland; or who became a Chiropractor or Physician – Al Mell & Carol Workman.

There were also Classmates who worked for the United States Federal Government – Jeff Keay (Geological), Steven McDiarmid (Border Patrol), Charles Sepessy (IRS), Sue Weaver (Patent Examiner) & Marilyn (Mole) Diffendal; along with two Classmates in the Department of Defense - Edwin Nesburg & Thomas Barnes; or in the State Government – Ingrid Davis, Sandra Engle, Gerald Jensen, Sandra (Rust) Frien, & Lois (Vanderwest) Balcom; or in City or County Government – Dave Eling, Sandra (Rust) Frein & Bill Voss; Retail – Sandra Engle, Roger McKee, Deborah (Niva) Vankersen, Marlene-Jean (Parker) Pendell, Lois (Petersen) Vivian (deceased), & Cynthia (Peterson) Light. Those in Sales – Linda (Deater) Thomas, Steve Allen & Larry DeJong; as a Rescue Mission Supervisor – Peggy (Kuberski) Boltz; and as Postal Workers – Randy Baker, Dave Benedict, Timothy Shafer, Carmen (Sheathelm) Albiniak & Ross Soltess.

Many were Consultants in their fields – Ingrid Davis, Sandra Engle, Ron Erickson, Nan Kersting) Karkosky, Thomas Langoni, Julie (Sands) Anderson, Mark Schultz, Jean (Bachtal) Schuitema, Christine Sutton, & Joe Urcavich

Others worked in Mental Health – Betty Stoneburner, Patrick Corbin, Dave Kooi (deceased), & Stephen Gould-Leighton; was a Private Pilot – Steve McDiarmid; did Modeling – Christine Sutton; were in Recruiting – Marlene- Jean (Parker) Pendell & William Wasserman; was an MEA/NEA Board of Directors/Rep/Negotiator – Gilda (Roberts) Wilson; served in Ministry – Peggy (Kurberski) Boltz, Danora (Maggert) Brzezinski, John Matthews, & Joe Urcavich or other church work – Peggy (Battige) Bennitt & Diane (Beekman) Rosenow.

Those in Manufacturing - Steve Allen, Judy (Bouton) Vanarnam, Mary Barnes, Larry deJong, Jaqueline (Cox) Hillard, Carolyn (Launstein) Britton, Shirley (Wesley) Booker, Kay (Fay) Nye, Ron Rollins, Thomas Burrous, Jean (Bachtal) Schuitema, Dan Bassett, Larry Decker, Pam (Morgan) Stevens, Robert Ritcheske, Roger Santose, Ron Vanderkooi (deceased), & Robert Vangilder

And we cannot forget the many who were in the Education Field as teachers, coaches, counselors, sports officials, support staff, etc. – Barbara (Arnson) Reynolds, Donald Barnes, Dianne (Beekman) Rosenow, Mark Belrose, Cheryl (Bomers) Johnson, Sandra (Boone) Thomas, Dave Kooi (deceased), Jean (Smith) Johnson, Barb (Bowmaster) Ferris, Jim Boyle, Marilyn (Davis) Werschem, Ruth- Gussie (Fairbanks) Nowak, Lynn (Moore) Waldo, Ann (Olsen) Pervinkler (international), Debbie (Peltier) Baker, Gilda (Roberts) Wilson, Christine Sutton, Kerri (Baker) Snyder, Linda (House) Kekic, Lynelle (Dostert) Brown, Richard DeBoer, Michelle (Hiles) Berghuis (deceased), Gerald Jensen, Ruth Alyce (Kusiak) Davis, Thomas Langoni, Carolyn (Mangold) Rork, Patricia (Rutz) Bills, Karen (Olsen) Braman, Cynthia (Peterson Light, Carol (Pierce) McRoberts/Ross, Carmen (Sheathelm) Albiniak, Jean (Smith) Johnson, Christine Sutton, Jennifer (Thompson) Zerlaut, Joe Urcavich, John Usmial, & Thomas Wedell – some in Colleges or Universities – Archie Blood, Deborah Easley, Ken Kolmodin (deceased), Joanne Gerst, John Matthews, Michele (St Denis) Hecksel-Golightly, Joe Urcavich, Archie Blood, & Lynelle (Dostert) Brown.

Then there were the Nurses – Laurel (Beekman) O’Malley, Jean (Smith) Johnson, Linda (Carlson) Doctor, Linda (Reynolds) McLean, Elizabeth (Rust) Hodge, Judy (Townsend) Hale, & Kathy (Vinton) Crago. There are those in Social Work – Pat Corbin, Linda (House) Kekic, Marilyn (Damm) Hocking, James Davis, Dave Kooi (deceased), Elizabeth (Rust) Frein, & Pam (Wolfe) Witherell. We had those in Law Enforcement/Safety – Bill Bouwman, Joe Stapel, Betty Stoneburner & Shirley (Wesley) Booker; in Adult Education – Alice (Line) Wathen & Lois (Petersen) Vivian (deceased); in the Chemical Industry – Timothy Shafer; in the Child and Family/Human Services – Betty Stoneburner, Christine (Sutherland) McArthur, & Robert Vangilder; and the many Business Owners – Archie Blood, Marilyn (Damm) Hocking, James Davis, Allan DeHorn, Joel Ernvall, Sandra Engle, Mary (Heneveld) DeVore, Linda (House) Kekic, Harold (Mike) Johnson, Thom Lager (10 stores & a factory), Al Mell, Kay (Fay) Nye, Dan Laskoski (deceased), Sharon (Lofquist) Fodrocy, Dan MacNab, Robert McKinley, Barbara (Maleski) Rishel, Steven McDiarmid, Ann (Olsen) Pervinkler, Carol (Sieman) Gibner, Paul Neis, Robert O’Malley, John Nelski, William Petersen, Diana (Ritter) Franckowiak, Jean (Smith) Johnson, & Brenda (Syperda) Bouwman, Dennis Wasserman, & William Wasserman.

Our class produced Accountants/Controllers – Blair Bennitt, Vickie (Briggs) Auburn, & Jean (Bechtal) Schuitema; a Library Information Specialist – Diana (Ritter) Franckowiak; a Librarian @U of A Geophysical Institute – Ann (Olsen) Pervinkle; a Florist – Dennis Wasserman; and Engineers – Oscar (Karl) Anderson, Gary Clifford, & Larry DeJong.  One classmate worked for Coca Cola – Randy Baker; another was Head Cook at Hackley Hospital – Lottie Copeland. We had our very own Jockey – Robert Vangilder; an Irrigation Contractor – Robert McKinley; as Bus Drivers – Susan Dahl, Thomas Rasey, & Dave Kooi (deceased); a Home Inspector – Paul Neis; a Heat Treater -  Clinton Shreve; as Home Improvement  or Builder -  Alex Collis & Ron Rollins; in Human Resources – Carol (Kinnucan) McGinnis & Mary (Paulson) Rastigue; in Insurance - Brenda (Syperda) Bouwman; as a Journalist/Reporter – Lisa Medendorp; a Landscape Architect – Tim Gilbert; a Grounds Keeper – Randy Baker; a Locksmith – Mike Thaler; a Lawyer & Legal Assistant – Eric Boeschenstein & Lynelle (Dostert) Brown; in Machine Repair – Ron Stout; a Mediator – Christy (Benson) Radigan; as a Massage Therapist – Mary (Luhmann) Bennitt; as a Marine Surveyor – Robert Workman; a Private Investigator – Steve McDiarmid; in Real Estate – Bill Byers (deceased); a Detroit Lions Psychologist – Allan DeHorn; a Donor Information Specialist – Donna (DeVries) Kooi; an Executive Recruiter – William Wasserman; in Food Service – Peggy (Battige) Bennitt & Sharon (Lofquist) Fodrocy; and many in the Arts Field – Charlene Bickel, Linda (Danens) Fraser, Linda (House) Kekic, Lisa Medendorp, Julie Giacobassi (deceased), Ann (Olsen) Pervinkler, Phyllis (Slater) Paquette (deceased) & Jean (Smith) Johnson; in the Technology Field – Joe Szmadzinski (deceased); a Master Scheduler – Robert Ritcheske; in Training and staff Development – Dave Kooi (deceased); Leather Company – Dale Morin; a Furniture Designer – Chuck Woudstra & Gerald Jensen who worked in the Furniture Business; a Fish Farmer – John Nelski; Political Activists – Pam Cosmo (deceased); Evelyn (Shephard) Whalen, Sandra (Rust) Frein, & Isabel (Collinge) Stahl.  

MHS even produced Postal Service workers – Eugene Atwood, Dave Benedict, & Thomas Strait;  an American Red Cross worker – Edward Schweifler; a Biologist – Jeff Keay; a Community Vegetable Garden person – Carmen (Sheathelm) Albiniak; a Geologist – Ron Erickson; an Executive Assistant – Dianne (Smith) Decker; an Electrician – Allen Maus; a Photographer – Tom Wedell; a Pharmaceutical/Cosmetic Industry person – William Wasserman; an Office Administrator – Jean (Bachtal) Schuitema; Pattern Makers – Tom Unwin & Judy (Bouton) Vanarnam; Professors – John Matthews, Marilyn (Damm) Hocking, Joe Urcavich & Allan DeHorn; Retail workers – Sue (Carlson) Zaremba & Gayle (Cutler) Zok; and persons in Seafood Business – Dan McNab & Debbie (Peltier) Baker.

HOBBIES we found: Genealogy – Linda (House) Kekic; Artists – Jennifer (Thompson) Zerlaut & John Usmial; Woodworking – Robert McKinley & Evelyn (Shepard) Whalen; Gardening – Carmen (Sheathelm) Albiniak; Evelyn (Shepard) Whalen, John Usmial, Robert McKinley, & Pam (Morgan) Stevenson; Pickle Ball – Al Mell, Pam (Morgan) Stevenson; Racquetball/Handball – John Usmial & Al Mell; Repair Computers – Judy (Bouton) Vanarnam; Competes in World Police/Fire Games – Bill Bouwman; Races Motor Bikes/Moto Cross – Joe Collis; Bible Teacher – Therese (Kittel) Ringelberg; Farm animals – Michael Roys; Musician –Tim Gilbert, Don Barnes, Julie Giacobassi (deceased), & Dave Kooi (deceased); Home Building – Stephen Gould-Leighton; Photography – Stephen (Gould-Leighton;

VOLUNTEERS – @Pere Marquette – Jim McTaggart & Joe Stapel; @Hospice – Steve Allen; @Red Cross & Food Pantry – Jennifer (Thompson) Zerlaut; with Veteran’s Community – Steve Allen & Rae (Janowiak) DeHaan; @City Clubs – Jaycees/Lions/Youth Recreation/Chamber of Commerce, etc. – Bill Vos; with Baseball/Softball – Don Barnes; @Hockey – Bill Bouwman; with Barbershop Chorus – Don Barnes; and as “Head Dude” Steak ‘n Blues – Pat Corbin

Many Classmates found themselves in more than one field during their lifetime! And it must be noted that quite a few, while perhaps having a job outside the home, may have been at the same time Homemakers and/or parents – two very admirable and necessary contributions to society!

We ask that you please bear with the limitations of our meager research done to reveal this information. There are so many other great success stories from this class - we just named a few...


​On the "In Memory" page of our website, www.mhsclassof67.net, we honor the Classmates that are no longer with us – a list of about 130. Hopefully you will take the opportunity to look at that page soon, and say a prayer as you remember them fondly.  

And now as we continue to recreate ourselves in our retirement years, note that we also make our homes all over America – many in warmer climates than Michigan!  We lament the fact that there are several who will not make it to the our 55th Reunion (see list of attendees on Home Page of website www.mhsclassof67.net), whether for reasons of travel, illness, family obligations, or Covid fears. Quite frankly, some do not have a desire to attend - "Will anyone remember me?  Will I remember them?  etc." This is where we recommend you get out your "Said & Done" & study those faces!  

It will be good to see those of you who attend the 55th celebration! We can hardly wait to re-connect. And at this time, we give a special thanks to the wonderful Reunion Committee Members over the past 55 years for all the time, treasure, talent, and planning put into making our Reunions such memorable events every five years - that's 11 Big Reunions!!!!

​Lastly, we have to admit that we have very different “titles” now from way back then. Fifty-five years after graduation we are now called seniors, retirees, “Boomers”, husbands, wives, grandparents, and some are even called great grandparents! A couple of things we will always share, no matter our jobs, our diversities, our religious beliefs, our race, or our political leanings:

We will forever be one of the largest graduating classes of MHS
And most significantly, we will always be BIG REDS!!!



The following items are things that we as a class voted on for our MHS Class of "67".

Class Images

Class Motto:  Learning without thought is useless;  Thought without learning is dangerous.

Class Colors:  Navy Blue and Yellow

Class Flower:  Daisy

Class Song:  Born Free

Class Officers

President:  Allan DeHorn

Vice President:  Pamela Stanton

Secretaries:  Janet Langeland and Mary Feldt

Treasurer:  Susan Paige

Historian:  Ann Olsen

Parliamentarian:  Carol Workman

Sargeant at Arms:  Mary Heneveld

Advisors:  Mrs. Mildred De Yoe, Mrs. Helen Dykema, Mrs. Lucille Silky, Mr. Russell VanderWeir, Mr. David Zierath, Mr. John Toppen

Mock Elections

Done Most For The School - Allan DeHorn, Pam Stanton

Most Likely To Succeed - Bob McKinley, Carol Kinnucan

Best All Around - Jeff Keay, Debbie Buikema

Most Popular - Steve Allen, Susan Paige

Class Actors - Bob Ritcheske, Sue Aslakson

Most Athletic - John Usimal, Carol Workman

Best Musicians - Bill Fee, Julie Giacobassi

Best Looking - Dave Young, Linnea Meyers

Best Dancers - Ed Hodges, Jamie DeVette

Best Dressed - Chuck Griffith, Pam Morgan

Class Singers - Don Barnes, Rauthalyce Kuziak

Class Flirts - Jim Karkowski, Nan Kersting

Cutest Couple - Al Mell, Carmen Dykema

Most Shy - Al Mell, Evelyn Shepard